Emergency Keto Sauces


Emergency Keto Sauces

When a keto dieter is out in the world, eating food prepared by other people, it is usually a good plan to stick with plain meat and plain green vegetables. Many sauces, whether fancy French whites, down-to-earth American BBQ, or umami-packed Chinese, are loaded with flour, sugar, and other keto-unfriendly ingredients.

They are also delicious, and hard to resist. It is also tough to say no altogether to an otherwise good dish. Cue the Emergency Keto Sauces. These are ad-hoc sauces you can make yourself that will not throw you off your diet.

Step 1: Take some mayonnaise, butter, or olive oil already available (or ask your waiter or host) and make a small pool on your plate.

Step 2: Add one teaspoon of the Dubious Sauce in Question (the one you would be eating many spoonfuls of otherwise) and mix.

Voila! You now have the flavor of the non-keto sauce being carried by the medium of a keto-friendly fat. Some great combinations:

Butter with a dash of BBQ

Mayonnaise with a dash of ketchup

Olive oil with a bit of white sauce.

Who are we kidding? Butter plus virtually anything is a home run.

Eating keto requires creativity and dedication when you are in a setting where you don’t control the preparation of your food. With the intent to stay on the diet, there are all kinds of options that will emerge in the situations of daily life.

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