Tips For A Successful Keto Thanksgiving


Tips For A Successful Keto Thanksgiving

We here at Boston Keto Kitchen want you to have the best and easiest Thanksgiving possible, so check out this tried-and-true All Day I Dream About Food guide to the holiday:

As with so many delicious keto and low carb recipes you can find online, not all of them will fit your macros without some tweaking. Here are some tips to help:

      1. You will probably go over on calories today. It’s unpatriotic not to overeat! Luckily, overeating on keto is not quite the same as overeating on a normal diet, and as long as carbs are kept in range, much of the extra calories will get burned off as heat. So enjoy the day without any guilt.
      2. Keep macadamia nuts, pili nuts, fat bombs, and cooked bacon hanging around. The more protein you eat, the more fat you need to eat to keep your ketones in range. Having food around that is easy to grab will aid in this process.
      3. If you have alcohol, stick to vodka and other keto friendly drinks.
      4. Combine some turkey pan drippings with butter and set aside before someone swoops in and adds flour for the gravy!
      5. Make a decadent, sweet (with stevia or monkfruit) high-fat shake to keep in the fridge and keep taking swigs when you are tempted by passing desserts.
      6. Forgive yourself if you go off-plan. Tomorrow is another day. Make sure not to weigh yourself for at least three days after getting back on track, so as not to be discouraged by the temporary water weight.


We wish everyone a wonderful holiday.

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