About Us

About Us

About us


From The Co-Founders:

We came to love the ketogenic diet after we both used it to reverse serious, and potentially life-threatening physical conditions. After experiencing the benefits of the diet ourselves, we discovered signs of a potential link to psychiatric as well as physical health associated with the body. After implementing the diet with some of our own patients (we’re both psychotherapists), we were astonished at the results. This led us to do a deep dive into the world of keto to figure out how we could help bring the diet to our clients in a more systematic way.

Eventually we connected with a cutting-edge, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist who was also interested in implementing the diet, but couldn’t get his patients to be compliant. This was a natural fit, so we decided we would provide the diet to all of our interested clients since it is so difficult to implement the diet without a lot of motivation and knowledge.

Today, we provide food, consulting, and psychotherapeutic support (in any combination) around the diet. This expertise eventually brought us to the attention of Children’s Hospital, which has asked us to serve as consultants on the largest Ketogenic weight loss study in history! This has been a great honor, and very exciting for us. We can’t wait to see where this incredible food journey will lead us next.

Our Vision

With over 70% of Americans currently overweight or obese and at least 100 million Americans either diabetic or prediabetic, it is clear that people are really struggling to get a grip on their eating and health. At the same time, people are realizing that diet and wellness are integrally linked. We feel so strongly that the ketogenic diet can be a great answer to some of these issues, and are excited to help educate, implement, and support, and of course, feed, folks interested in change.