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Tips For A Successful Keto Thanksgiving

We here at Boston Keto Kitchen want you to have the best and easiest Thanksgiving possible, so check out this tried-and-true All Day I Dream About Food guide to the holiday: As with so many delicious keto and low carb recipes you can find online, not all of them will fit your macros without […]

When Ketosis Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

Doing keto for weight loss, especially for someone with significant weight to lose, can be a straightforward affair: restrict carbs below 50 grams, and it’s likely that you will often be in some form of nutritional ketosis no matter what your fat-to-protein ratio is. Doing keto for medical purposes, notably epilepsy and other neurological or […]

Emergency Keto Sauces

When a keto dieter is out in the world, eating food prepared by other people, it is usually a good plan to stick with plain meat and plain green vegetables. Many sauces, whether fancy French whites, down-to-earth American BBQ, or umami-packed Chinese, are loaded with flour, sugar, and other keto-unfriendly ingredients. They are also delicious, […]

To Cheat or Not To Cheat?

So far, we have not had a single client who complied 100% to their meal plan for the entire time they were keto. Whether it is a holiday where they could not turn down a family recipe without causing a feud, a particularly rough day at work, or a ray of light striking a Dunkin […]

The Monkfruit Diaries

We are in the process of switching all of our baked goods and desserts from sugar alcohols over to stevia, monkfruit extract, and chicory root inulin. Although some people doing keto strictly for weight loss can incorporate erythritol (the only sugar alcohol we have used due to its score of zero on the glycemic index) […]

What Makes A Food Keto?

Answering the question of “Is this keto?” is more complicated than one might think. While we use this as shorthand all the time, the real answer is that it is you who is or is not ketotic, not the food. If you eat the food in question and are still producing ketones after the meal […]

How To De-Carb Your Coconut Milk

  Coconut milk has lots of good fat in it, but it also has a somewhat frustrating amount of carbohydrates: 8 (!) grams net carbs per cup, 13 total minus 5 grams of fiber. Especially if you are doing a non-dairy version of keto, relying on coconut milk will quickly eat up your budget for […]