What we do

Our goal is to help bring people into a state of medically safe ketosis. For us, this involves four key elements: education, emotional support, food, and coordination with medical providers.

We realize how difficult it can be do follow a ketogenic diet correctly, and for a long-term period of time. Our goal is to help clients do that in whatever way they would like to meet whatever dietary goals they have. This includes any, or all of the following:

  • Coaching to establish lifestyle, body, and wellness goals
  • Education about the ketogenic diet
  • Delicious ketogenic meals (as many or as few as you would like)
  • Macro calculation and case management
  • Coordination of care with your, or our, treatment providers



Following a keto diet correctly can be challenging. We have a lot of experience with the diet, and we also work with doctors and nutritionists to ensure our clients are getting the food macros they need.

Whether it be weight loss, symptom management, or wellness, we want to help each of our client attain their goals. However, many of our clients aren’t sure what those goals are! As licensed and trained clinicians, we can help you with that.



We want to empower our clients to enjoy the ketogenic diet with all the knowledge we can give them. Part of what we do is teach our clients how the diet works, how it works best for them, how they can learn to prepare ketogenic meals on their own, and what to look out for when doing the diet. Ultimately, we want our clients to be with us for a season, not for life. We hope we can teach you what you need to succeed.


Food Delivery & Macro Calculation

Calculating macros for keto and then implementing those calculations in a palatable diet is extremely challenging. Don’t worry though, we’ve been at it for years! We will provide you with macros for each and every one of your meals as well as all the fresh food you can eat, delivered right to your door.


Coordination of Care

When it comes to implementing this diet, we believe in a holistic care model. The complexities of implementation can be tricky (with people struggling with diabetes, for example). For this reason, we insist that we be in touch with your treatment providers to ensure you enjoy success with your diet. This also means that we will seek to ensure both that your medical providers are okay with you following the diet, and if you don’t have adequate medical history, that you get further testing to assure you are healthy to implement the diet.

We also work with a group of doctors, dietitians, and mental health workers all very familiar with the ketogenic diet. Consequently, we might request that we coordinate your care with them in addition to, or in place of your current health providers.


How we work

We know how hard it can be to change eating habits. Our goal is to make following the keto diet as easy as possible. We generally follow the following guidelines with our clients:

  • Establish health and wellness goals
  • Explain how the diet works and what to expect
  • Identify favorite foods, food allergies, food preferences, and food cravings
  • Establish how much food is desired
  • Provide extensive, ongoing support via phone, text, and email to help clients get used to the diet
  • Coordinated care with treatment team
  • Ongoing monitoring, goal revision, and support