Sausage & Egg Cups

Having enough fat and protein for breakfast keeps you full throughout the morning, and this is the most portable way to eat sausage and eggs! Savory sage-flavored sausage encases a perfectly cooked egg, with room for herbs or a bit of sun-dried tomato.


Simple Coconut Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are small pieces of sweet or savory food to help you reach your targeted amount of dietary fat for the day. If you like coconut, this keto candy is for you- we use coconut oil, coconut butter, and finely shredded unsweetened coconut sweetened with some stevia to make the perfect 14-gram bite.


Parmesan Crisps

Why have cheese and crackers when the cheese can become the cracker? A little parmesan and a little coconut flour, baked until crispy, makes for an addictive snack that is nearly zero carbs. These are delicious dipped into guacamole.


Zucchini Noodles



A classic low carb spaghetti substitute that is particularly good during the summer, when zucchini is in season. Just a few minutes of being sauteed in olive oil, and these are ready to carry any sauce. Creamy alfredo or a traditional meat ragu are both equally delicious with these noodles, which are also a good source of Vitamin C on a low-carb or keto diet.



Meat Bagels

We do our own variation on this amazing recipe from Carol Lovett of The pork, onions, and paprika create a delicious base for any combination of fillings (traditional cream cheese works well, as does lettuce and tomato). For clients who do not eat pork, we can do a beef version as well.


Pancakes with Maple-Flavored Syrup




This traditional breakfast leaves many people in a food coma- but not our version! Eggs, cream cheese, and coconut flour create a rich batter, but the low carbohydrates means no blood sugar spike that necessitates a nap. Our maple syrup is made with butter (or ghee for the lactose-free), maple flavoring, and sweetened with inulin powder.



Bacon Chips with Guacamole

A fat bomb snack if ever there was one- thick bacon fried until extra-crispy stands in for potato chips. Our guacamole is simple and timeless: avocado, lime, fresh garlic, cilantro and sea salt. If you are like us, and cannot abide even the tiniest shade of brown oxidation sullying your guacamole, you will appreciate this ingenious method of storage. We prefer not to use preservatives in our food, so using water to seal out the oxygen is a win-win.


Fried Chicken Tenders

Comfort food for grown-up kids, without the carbs. We dredge our chicken in spices and crushed pork rinds (or almond flour for those who don’t eat pork) and fry in olive oil. For those doing strict keto and limiting their protein, we want to make every bite count.


Vegan Chocolate Pudding

This was created for a client who couldn’t have dairy- we love to accommodate special dietary needs. We use our De-Carbed Coconut Milk and gelatin to make this creamy, chocolatey treat.


Braised Green Cabbage

We keto-fied this simple yet magnificent recipe from Molly Stevens and her excellent book about braising. A bit less onion and carrot to cut down on the final carb count, but low-and-slow cooking still brings out the intense sweetness and depth of flavor in this winter side dish.


Mini Pizzas



Our version of the holy grail of low-carb dough: Fathead pizza. People who have never tried a low-carb dough before are usually blown away by how authentic the flavor and texture are – you can’t tell that the main ingredient is mozzarella cheese instead of flour. A low-carb marina and keto-friendly toppings like bacon, green peppers, sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms make this a guaranteed hit.



Quiche Lorraine

With or without a buttery almond flour crust, this classic quiche is a celebration of the power of bacon. We drew major inspiration from Maria’s recipe that substituted leeks for regular onions, and the taste is still quite authentic. We love how just one slice is enough to keep hunger at bay for hours, and how well it pairs with a fresh green salad.