What’s Keto

What’s Keto?

There are complex, interlocking causes for this current health crisis, but one common denominator is an overabundance of carbohydrates in most people’s diets and a subsequent tsunami of insulin resistance. Many people do not know that lowering carbohydrates can improve their health, and those who know cannot always use that knowledge effectively. We want to give people the information to better understand how their bodies function, and concrete tools to positively impact their health.

Low carb and ketogenic diets are powerful interventions for people desiring to improve their blood sugar, their weight, and their mood. Lowering carbohydrates is not a silver bullet in isolation, but a solid understanding of the pancreas, the metabolism, and insulin resistance is crucial to anyone looking to improve their health.

We want to support cutting-edge research on the ketogenic diet, help individual clients reach their health goals, and develop exciting low-carb and ketogenic food products for the retail market.